The Accidental Fundraiser

21: The ‘Burma Shave’ approach to thanking donors

It is all in how you space your thank you notes and acknowledgments for your donors, and by using companies such as 1-800-postcards or Modern Postcard, to help show how the money you have collected is being spent. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this advertising medium, the company rented a series of billboards by major highways, and a short message on each, as shown in this archive.Download the podcast here (5:15). 


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20: How to turn bad news from friends into good works

Unfortunately, Hallmark cards don’t exist for many situations when we hear about friends who have received bad news about their health. Carol and David talk about ways that you can turn this into doing some good works, and how to help others.Download the podcast here (5:45). 

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19: How to brainstorm for your next fundraising idea

Carol and David talk about how to bring some new ideas to the fundraising table by bringing in people with widely different skill sets.You can download the podcast here. (4:06) 

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